Thursday, November 13, 2008

Sydney is doing well. I am having fun watching her little personality develope. She sticks both legs up in the air when she wants the nurses attention. It is so cute! She is pretty mellow most of the time, on occasion someone will make her made but she usually recovers nicely.
We have a surgery date and time. Syd is going to have surgery tomorrow (11/14) at around 1:30pm. Everyone seems very confident that she will be fine. Our favorite Ecmo man is on so that is one relief.
Please say an extra prayer for ourgirl tonight. Thank you.
Yesterday was another good day for Sydney. Dr. Flake came by this morning and is very pleased with her progress. He has increased her Lasiks and wants to do surgery tomorrow afternoon (fri.) if she does not gain anymore fluid. We went over the procedure and the biggest complication is the bleeding. She has been on ecmo, she needs to be on blood thinners so the ecmo does not clot. My anxiety has increased just a tad!
Please keep Sydney in your prayers. Thank You

Sydney's Big Day

Sydney had another great day yesterday and an uneventful night last night. Dr. Flake came by this morning and is very pleased with her. He wants her Lasiks increased today and if everything goes well she will have her repair tomorrow (fri) afternoon. He went over the surgery with me and call the complications that could occur. The biggest being the bleeding, because she will be on ecmo during the procedure and has been on blood thinners so the ecmo does not clot. My anxiety has increased just a tad.
Please keep Sydney in your prayers . Thank You

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Today I went back to Philly to saty for a few days. Emily, Alex, and Michael were all very upset. We all sat in moms livingroom crying. I did not want to leave but know that Sydney needs me there. Actually the kids told me last night not to be upset, they know Sydney needs me more right now then they do. They are great kids.
Sydney is doing well. They had to change a part on the ecmo machine today so she was off of it for about a minute and did fine. They said it was a good test. Dr Flake came by today and said that fri looks like surgery day as long as she continues to loose her fluid. If she has surgery on Fri they are looking at taking her off the Ecmo by the end of next week. This scares the crap out of me. She is very content were she is. i know she needs surgery and off ecmo, but that is the safty net!
I am so sorry that I have not gotten pictures up yet. If you go to and put in sydneytaborelli you will be able to see her. I don't know when I will get to our computer and I don't think I can download pictures on the computers at CHOP.
Thank you for all of the prayers. PLease continue because God is truley listening.

Saturday, November 8, 2008


Sydney is here!. She arrived on wed. Nov 5th at 9:35 am. via c-section. She was pink and tried to cry. She was holding her own but around 3:00 decided to put her on ecmo. She has been doing well ever since. She is beautiful. She looks a lot like Emily, same color hair. A lot of hair and looks like it might be on the curly side. She has the cutest nose that she squooshes up when she is irratated. She does not like the lights in the nicu or when other babies cry! And she hates haveing her diaper changed.
She is doing so much better than they thought she would. The hernia is on the right side and a portion of the liver is up in the chest. She does have a left lung that is a good size. Her intestines and stomache are also in the chest. We are hopeing that surgery can happen in the next two weeks. No rush, she is just chillin. So far all of the nurses are very nice and informative. We do have pictures I just have to wait to get home to upload them. I hope to do that Sunday or Monday.Thank You all for your prayers and support. We definatley have something to be greatful for!

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Yesterday was our last visit with our Dr. at Hunterdon. It was a little sad. We have been seeing them for twice a week for the past two months. They have seen me at my best and worst. They all have been so wonderful to me and my husband. They will be missed.
The appointment went well. Sydney cooperated for them so they did need to chase her with the heart monitor like usual ( she has quite the reputation in the office). Her Bio-physical looks great and mommies blood pressure went down. So all went well. We go to CHOP on fri. I hope they will beable to give us a date. I am hopeing for the week of Nov. 10 ( 37 weeks.). Lets keep our fingers crossed. I will keep you posted.

Friday, October 17, 2008

Today Sydney had a great visit at the doctors. Mommy did not though. My bloodpressure was 160/90 and I needed to be monitored. Now the Dr. wants me to be on modified bedrest. This should be interesting with Gary and the kids. The Dr is afraid of pre-eclampsia. This pregnsncy is going to kill me yet!
Syd is head down and is doing really well. We have one more visit on tues. in Jersey then we are off to Philly. We only have about a month left. Now the anxiety is starting. I am so ready to have my body back, I am not ready to deal with the what happens after part.
Thank you for all the prayers and support.

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Yesterday we had another ultrasound and NST. Miss Sydney was too busy swimming around in all the extra fluid to let her heartbeat be monitored. As soon as they put the belt on she is off. Thank goodness I can feel her and the Docs can see my stomache move all over the place. We are not contracting yet, so that is good. Sydney looks really good. I only have two more visits in Jersey and then we go to CHOP. I am looking forward to going. We always find something new when we go down. I am not sure what they are going to say in terms of staying there. Not really looking forward to leaving my kids. I am hoping we can work something out.
Thank you for all the prayers and support. I will keep you posted

Friday, October 10, 2008

Today we had another ultrasound and NST. Everything looks good with Sydney. She is growing and heart is strong. She is still breeched, but the Dr. said it had alot to do with the extra fluid. My fluid is up tp 30 now. When they placed the monitor on me Syd went crazy again. We got about 5 min of constant heartbeat out of 20. She is a stinker. Not much going on.I will keep you posted.
Thank you all again for all the prayers and support.

Wednesday, October 8, 2008

32 weeks 3days

Yesterday we had another ultrasound and NST. Everything looks good. Sydney is definatly breathing! Fluids are staying put at 28 so that is also good. The NST was interesting. ( Note to self: No more Hot Chocolate befor NST). Sydney would not stay still long enough for her heartbeat to be registered. We know she was ok because of the waves moving across my belly. The Dr. finally held the thing and we did hera some beats, but then she got pissed and started beating on the thing. BOY ARE WE IN TROUBLE!!
We have another appointment on fri so we will keep you posted.Thank you for all the sup[port and prayers.

Friday, October 3, 2008

Today we had another Dr. visit and ultrasound at Hunterdon Medical. My fluid jumped from 23 on Tues. to 28 today. I also gained 4 pounds since Tues. YIKES!!! Anyway, the ultrasound tech is pretty sure that she has a diaghram. It is very thin but appers to go the lenghth of her chest.You could she it move when she breathes. YEAH!!
The DR. said that this baby has amazed all the Docs in the office because of the lack of lung tissue and the amount of bowels they thought she would have been still born weeks ago. She is so strong and growing at the perfect rate. Six weeks ago CHOP told us she had a bilateral hernia and that it is very uncommon for babies to survive. Now she has lung tissue, a good amount at that and a diaphram. I can not wait to go back to chop to see what they say.
We have another visit on Tues. I will keep you posted.Thank you for all your prayers and support.

Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Today we went to the Docs at Hunterdon Medical for an ultrasound and NST. Sydney weighs approx. 4 pounds. And she was taking practice breathes. This is all good. My amnio fluid is still a little high but not too high. And Syd has decided to hang out at the very top of my uterus. She is very much breeched, so I guess we are looking at a c-section. My next appointment is on fri at Hunterdon.
Thank you for all of your prayers and support.

Friday, September 26, 2008

Today we had our first non stress test. As soon as the nurse put the monitors on me Sydney was off the wall. She was kicking and moving that the nurse just stood by me for the 15 min. Everything looks great, her heart beat was between 145-155 and no contractions yea!!
Starting tuesday I will be going to our regular ob twice a week for ultrasound and non stress test. Oct. 24 our care will be transfered to CHOP. I will be 34 weeks. I hope at that time they will be able to tell when they will do c-section or induction.
Thank you all for all of the prayers and support.

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Today we had a routine ultra sound at CHOP. Mom went with me so she would be able to get there after the baby is born. Well we got so lost. Thank God for GPS! Anyway the tech started labeling the organs. Stomache is still up, liver is still up, Bowels still up, heart is still pushed over to far left. Then I saw a gray mass above the heart. " Is that a lung?" I asked. The tech said yes! Sydney has a portion of a left lung. We have never seen lung tissue before on any ultrasounds! It is not a little piece either. I don't know if it a whole lung but it is a good size! She also weights 31/4 pounds which is right where she should be at 30 weeks. Her heart looks strong and she is swallowing amnio fluid and producing urine. This is all good.
I will also beable to continue to see my Docs at hunterdon for another 4 weeks. Oct 24th ( @ 34 weeks) I will need to start to go to CHOP weekly. They also think I will need a c-section due to the fibriod that is near my cervix. I am not too crazy about that, but at least we can plan a little bit. Thank you all for your prayers and support. They are working!!

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Sweet Kaden Grew Wings.

Tonight I am heart broken. We found out that another baby with CDH has passed away. The brave little warrior was Kaden Morrow. He was born Aug. 18th. He fought so hard.I really believed he was going to make it. He made it through surgery and many different hurdles. I needed him to make it. As long as he was alive, I truley believed that Sydney was going to come home. If this baby could beat the odds then maybe Sydney could also. I know that this is so selfish of me, but I needed something to hold on to. I can't even imagine what his family is going through. I pray that God gives them peace and that Kaden gives them a sign that he is ok.

Right before I saw that Kaden had passed, Emily found the latest ultrasound picture of Sydney. It was taken last week . When the tech handed it to me I had no idea what it was. I showed it to Gary and he could not tell either. Tonight Emily looked at it and she saw right away that it was the baby's face. You can see her nose and lips, her eyes and ears. It really is the best picture of her face yet. I know it is going to sound crazy, but I believe that it is a sign from God and Sydney that she will be ok.
Please continue to pray for her.

Thursday, September 11, 2008

Today I had another ultrasound and visit with the DRs. For the first time I did not cry while looking at the pictures. Her heart was beating at 160 per min. which is a very good sign.My fluids went from 17 last thursday to 22 today. And my biggest fibriod which is down by my cervix is 7cm. I think we may be looking at a c-section. Not too happy about that but one good thing is I'll beable to spend that much more time in the hospital. Please keep Sydney in your prayers.

Tuesday, September 9, 2008

On July 15, 2008 we found out that we were having a baby girl. Gary and I were so excited, but that excitement soon turn to concern and then quickly to fear. The doctors told us that the baby had a severe birthdefect called Congenital Diaphragmatic Hernia (CDH). The baby's diaphram did not develope properly and her stomache, liver and most of her intestines are in her chest cavity. This prevents the lungs from developing. We were referred to Childrens Hospital Of Philadelphia (CHOP). At CHOP we foung out just how serious this defect is. Our baby girl was given a 10% chance of survival.

She will have to be born at CHOP and then placed on life support. Most likely she will be put on a machine called ECMO. This removes the blood from her body and is oxygenated then returned, giving the lungs time to rest. She will then have surgery to remove the organs out of her chest and put where they belong and a patch will be made out of Gortex to act as the diaphram. She has a very big fight ahead of her.

When we came home from CHOP we decided to name her Sydney Ann Taborelli.